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Are you ready to learn how we built an online business from home? 

Ready to leave the 9 to 5 behind? Or looking for a way to provide extra income for your family? 

Learn how we built an online business that earned us $20,000/month from home

And no...this is NOT and MLM...just proven strategies...including our exact blueprint.

Ready to rewrite your financial that includes freedom?

Our journey can be yours. We've built this business from the ground up. We have poured...quite literally, our blood sweat and tears into creating a profitable and highly sought after business.

And women support women. Throughout our journey our clients became family. They opened up about how they too needed to bring in extra income each month and wanted to do what we were doing. But we don't believe in MLMs, even though it would have been easy enough for us to start one. But no, we want you to earn 100% of the profits.  

Instead, we sat down and started sketching out every step we took to create a flourishing business. We realized, anyone can accomplish what we have, by following our exact business blueprint. 

Have you already tried starting a business, only to realize it was a drain on your time energy and resources?

Or maybe you've tried MLM's in the past? After all its a business that has already been established, you just pay a fee and you're in. And even if you experience sales, you only received a fraction of each sales profit, while those above you pocketed larger profits. 

With all the expenses and requirements to sell product, I'm sure at the end of the day, you didn't have a ton of extra income to show for it. Well...

We have a better way...

In the Rocky Mountain Pearl Academy, we take you through every step, large and small, that we took from researching suppliers, launching and growing the business.


6 weeks after we launched, we were turning a profit. And a good one! Things sky rocketed form there.

Creating a thriving business out of thin air is daunting.  Instead...

                    We WANT you to copy us. 

Jewelry never goes out of style

We wanted to sell beautiful, custom jewelry, and we wanted it to be an interactive experience for our customers. But we had no experience in that area.  

We started researching, and buying products from suppliers, it took months, and thousands & thousands of dollars to find the right suppliers and setting up the business, most of that money was wasted through trial and error. 

And then, we found them, our dream supplier... and thus, Rocky Mountain Pearls was born.

My sister and I then brought our business to social media, specifically TikTok, never having used the platform before. 

Our business model was simple, pearl jewelry. But the pearls were inside oysters. This is where the interaction with our customers came in!

Every jewelry order came with oyster openings...we did those openings live or recorded and uploaded them to social media. 

And who doesn't love customized jewelry? Seeing the pearls opened and then choosing which one they want mounted was a customer experience like non-other. It kept them coming back and telling their friends.

You might be thinking...

"I don't have the skills to make jewelry."

Neither did we.

It's simple, straightforward and fast. And we teach you all you need to be confident in doing it yourself. 

We both ran this business will keeping our full-time jobs, and after two months of launching, we were taking home an additional $20,000 a month!

Come join us over on our free webinar, we were show you our business analytics...and so much more.

In this FREE webinar we will tell you what is inside the Pearl Academy

It's our online course where over 21 lessons we take you from the start line to the finish.

This course was deigned to be easily digestible and accomplished in one get in your comfy PJ's one night after work and by the end, you'll be ready to jump into your new business!

Here are some of the course highlights...we've literally don't all the heavy lifting for you, and by the end, you shouldn't have questions...but if you do, we are here for you! 

  • How to build a beautiful e-commerce website (This lesson alone, is the one our students rave about. It took me about 120 hours to build our site with no prior experience. In this lesson I teach you step by step how to create your own custom website, in almost no time ( your hair will thank you as I spare you from the hours of hair pulling frustration, I went through as I taught myself to do this) 

  • Who our suppliers are (This is the BIG ONE! This information alone cost us thousands of dollars to find. And our supplier is selective about who they work with. They have guaranteed that when you finish our course, they will take your and your new business on!)

  • Growth tools Including social media strategies, free and paid tools, and how to work with influencers to get your product and brand in front of customers.

  • Tutorials on how to drill and mount jewelry

  • Our profit margins & how to price

  • Tax and Legal information (an absolute must when starting a new business)

And so much more, including how name and brand your business, how to create a highly profitable and fun game night, and how to establish the right type of social media presence! 


Okay, so how much will this cost?

If we consider that it cost us $16,000 to start this business, that should be the answer...but it's not! 
If you enroll in the Academy today you'll get:

Business Start-up Checklist ($120 value)
Unlimited access to our 21-course blueprint to replicate our business ($3,997 value)
A list and access to our suppliers (Priceless)
Access to our existing customer base through a social media post ($300 value)

If we've "mathed" right, that is a total value of $4,417+
But not to worry, we won't be charging you that. We want anyone with the drive to pursue a new venture to have access to our course. We aren't going to gate keep you on this o


Payment Plan

4 Monthly Payments of $89

Save money plan

One-time payment of $297

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